Ashish Sharma
Representative Co-ordinator
Ashish, an EBA student who finished his A Levels from Budhanilkantha School is now a freshman at Ashoka University, India. He is most likely to major in Economics along with a minor in Entrepreneurial Leadership. He is a die-hard fan of Nepalese Cricket team and he loves to play cricket and badminton.

Parikshit Chalise
Representative 2017/2018
Parikshit went to the UK as a Pestalozzi Scholarship recipient from Budhanilkantha School. As someone very familiar to the recent application processes, he wants to help students with formidable and enduring task of college application. He loves maths and arts.
Santosh Acharya
Representative 2017/2018
Santosh Acharya recently completed IB from UWC Thailand. He aspires to be an engineer. Having being involved in recent application process, he can be a great help to students who have questions about college application. He loves teaching and travelling.
Arpana Nepal
Representative 2017/2018
Sushant Subedi
Representative 2017/2018
As a Pestalozzi scholar, Sushant completed his A-Levels from UK right after finishing his SLC from Gandaki Boarding School, Pokhara. He enjoys reading, thinking, travelling and is involved in community service as a youth activist.

Avinash Mishra
Representative 2016/2017
Avinash is a BNKS graduate in his gap-year. He is currently preparing his application to pursue his career in Acting at a university in the USA. He likes giving speeches and writing masterpieces. He likes helping people when he can. He loves to travel.
Nimesh Baral
Representative 2016/2017
Nimesh has a dream of educating the whole country. He wants to use education as a tool to eradicate poverty, discrimination and create sustainable peace in the country.
Utkarsh Uprety
Representative 2016/2017
Utkarsh completed his A-Levels from Budhanilkantha School and is currently in his gap year. A big fan of the Beatles, Utkarsh likes to sing and write songs. He loves to travel and to read books.