Will HSEB hurt my chances of admission?

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I am currently studying Science in grade 12. I have secured 73% in recently published result of 11. I hope to improve that and manage at least a GPA of 3.0 (75% in plus 2) and I am really positive regarding SATs and IELTS which I will be doing later. I have fine ECAs. HSEB is quite tough too secure high percentage, that’s what I have felt. Few of my friends are doing CBSE and are certain to secure a lot better percentage than me as it is quite easy to get high scores in CBSE as compared to HSEB.

The colleges I want to get into usually accepts with GPA around 3.5 and higher. I am here drained in repentance of my choice of HSEB over CBSE and yeah A Levels. How do I explain about the scoring or education board system of HSEB in my application? Does the percentage below 80 means the end of my chances of getting into my desired college in US? Cheers!


Colleges do not know about the HSEB board, so for that reason they will not be able to make out much from your transcript. Also, the way you are calculating GPA (75%=3.0) is not the way it works because our system was not made to be calibrated that way. Believe me, they will not make any assumptions that it was made to be calibrated that way either. So you can ease your worries on that part. Colleges know that it is a different system with its own ways of scoring marks, so they will not compare it directly with CBSE or A levels as you have implied above.

We were also told, and I strongly believe this to be true too, that the final A-Level grades were much, much more important than the internal grades. This was because the colleges are familiar with A-levels but for the internal grades each school would have its own system so it would not be a standard indicator of academic standing. I actually got a lot of Cs in my internal report but got good-ish grades in my final, and it worked out for me. Similarly, in your case too the college will probably pay less attention to your grades because they are less/not familiar with them, and pay more attention to other indicators of your academic prowess.

What you can do is to maintain a good class rank. If your class rank so far hasn’t been as good as you have hoped for, try improving now because it will show a positive trend. Class rank will be relatively important for you. Recommendations will weigh in more importantly because they will show how good a student you are in a way your HSEB results absolutely cannot (again, because the colleges are familiar with recommendations but not HSEB.)

I believe that SATs and SAT 2s would carry more weight in your application as they are measures the colleges are familiar with.

Have meaningful ECAs and work your essay well.

Good luck!