Which one is good?Cosmos engineerinng or kwopa engineeribg

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  1. Which one is good?
  2. What are its facilities?
  3. Which universities are it affiliated?

Dear Sadikchhya,

Thank you for your question.

  1. Which one is good?
    Ans: To know which college is better, it depends upon the quality of teachers and the way teach. So, being an engineering student, I have heard that Khwopa Engineering College (Affiliated to TU) is better. I will confirm it and come back to you.
  2. What are its facilities?
    Ans: I have no idea about it. It will try to connect you with one of the students from both the colleges. They will give you the clear picture of the college.
  3. Which universities is it affiliated?
    Ans: Cosmos Engineering College affiliated to Pokhara University
    Khwopa Engineering College affiliated to Tribhuvan University & Purbanchal University

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