When should I take TOEFL?

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The college that I want to get into has an ED deadline of November 1. I am taking my SAT I on October 1st. Many seniors of mine have suggested me to take TOEFL after SAT, for it gets easy on TOEFL with preparation of SAT. Will I be able to meet the ED deadline if I take my TOEFL by October 10? How many days earlier should I take my toefl to be in the safe hands to meet the deadline.


And also when you make your ETS account it is better to insert University  names that you are applying to so that your TOEFL scores is directly send to the University.Else, you have to pay extra money to send your TOEFL scores .


The TOFEL scores will be available within 10 days of the test. Therefore, October 10 sounds good. Even if there is a delay you can talk to the university and send the reports later than the November 1st deadline. Many universities are flexible on these issues given that you have submitted your application by the original deadline (November 1st in your case). If there are any issues make sure that you contact the universities concerned as soon as possible.