What can i do now?

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Now,I am at Grade 11.What can i do now  for abroad study of computer science  in scholarship at famous universities of the world


Being a +2 student you may  not find yourself with people who are working to apply to universities abroad. As there are lots of things that you need to be aware of and do, trying to figure out what to do alone may be difficult. Therefore, I would suggest you to research from now om. Apart from that there are some other logistical difficulties. I have listed some of them below:

  1. You may not have a GC in your school who would write a profile for your school and your recommendation.
  2. You will have to change your exam scores to grades.
  3. Some universities may ask you to submit your scores via WES(it’s expensive to use).

This is all I have for now. I will add more if something comes up.

Also, answer written by @Bidit_Sharma  here may be helpful: http://collegesodhpuch.com/home/question/how-to-prepare-my-application-without-a-gc/


What are the  difficulties that are   faced by HSEB student while applying in contrast to A LEVEL  student?


First of all, I think it is fabulous that you are already thinking ahead. This is a very good time to preparing for college.

I think what you meant was good universities of the world. Famous is a social construct and not the best way to go around looking for value. UMich is insane for CS, and so is Harvey Mudd, but they are not “world famous” per se.

Start looking into colleges right now. Find out the type of college you want to attend. A big university? A small one? Rural vs urban? Research vs liberal arts? What colleges have Nepalis been regularly been accepted to?

Find out how to apply. SAT, essays, recommendations, extracurriculars and such are crucial parts of your application and you will want to know how to prepare them. Learn the admissions game.

Ace your grades. Period.

If you can, register for SATs this year and study for them.

You say you want to do CS. I happen to be doing CS too, and these are the things I wish I had known in high school. Feel free to ignore this advice though:

There is a ton of resources in the internet for self-learning in all sorts of fields. Take an online course or class(only for free!) , and see what interests you. Read books a lot. If you enjoy the learning, maybe do a project. If not then it is also absolutely fine. Learn the high school Math and Electricity part of Physics well. I didn’t, and am playing catch up now but oh well. There is an absolute TON of stuff that might get a beginner interested. I read a book about cryptography and its evolution and it was absolutely fascinating and great for a beginner(A lot of early progress in computing was because of the advent of military interest in breaking codes, check out Babbage, the Vignere cipher, ww2’s Enigma and such. The Code Book by Simon Singh was the book I read but you can read any.)