What about presidental scholarship?

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I am one of the first year undergraduate applicant for university of Manie for fall 2016. After reviewing my aplication they accept me and they select me as one of the peers from the applicants and grant me to apply for presidental scholarship. In order to apply for Presidental scholarship they assign me to write a essay. Will one of you help me, how I should start to write esaay for applying that scholarship?


Hey, It was me who said you could email me the essay. I forgot to log in before commenting lol!

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Also, you can email me with your essay and I can quickly go over it, if I can make some time! Good luck!


Hey there,

Start it as if you would start any other essays. How did you start your supplementary essays and common essay? Follow the same way. As in supplementary and common essay, you should have received a title or question for your essay. Always answer that question explicitly.

THIS blog from Pratiksha Sharma might help you get started.