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Hi. I have got following scores: TOEFL -79, +2 aggregate -74.6, and I am about to give SAT. I am not sure if I will get more than 1400 because I am quite poor in Reading. I am searching for the universities that could provide me with full ride scholarship(room &board +food). Can someone please help me choose such universities?

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Anusha Neupane 21 Rep.

Thank you so much for these information. I am not sure where should I start for the scholarship and how will I get it. I am searching myself too. I could not find the scholarship website of Howard either.

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    Hi Anusha, Good luck with your SAT. Finding colleges is tricky. Most of the US universities have a holistic admission which means that they will consider your grades, SAT scores, extracurriculars, recommendation letters, personal essay, art supplements etc. I would recommend applying to SAT optional schools as well (however, send them your SAT score). Also, if your TOEFL score is below the application cutoff for colleges that you want to apply to, you can send them an email stating that you have received your education in English (which I assume you did) and ask for TOEFL waiver. However, if these test scores do not work out, your personal essay and recommendations can also make you stand out. Therefore, instead of narrowing colleges just on the basis of scores, I would recommend boosting other aspects of your application which are equally important.

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      Hi Anusha,

      The university that jumps straightaway on my mind is Howard University. However, you will have to get 1400+ to get full ride at Howard. You still have a month until your SAT test. Practice. It’s all about practice and perseverance. Also, check out University of Louisiana at Monroe and this list.

      If your purpose to going to the US is very clear, there are other aspects of you that will play a role. Essays. Extra-curriculars. Recommendations. Talents. Most importantly, your drive.

      Best of luck!

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