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I’m currently studying A-levels. I’ve heard that tuition as well as accommodation is free in Finland for abroad students in Finland. Is it true? And can anyone please help me on how to apply to Finish universities. P.S.My grades are just average .


Note this:

  • tuition fees for non-EU/EEA students will however be introduced from autumn 2017 onwards

So anyone studying after the end of 2016 will have to pay tuition fee (1500 Euros – general) but this also means that non-EU/EEA students can apply for tuition scholarships. To understand more on it, follow this website: http://www.studyinfinland.fi/tuition_and_scholarships/tuition_fees


It is true that universities in Finland do not charge you tuition fee. However you will need to be able to cover your travel expenses, insurance living costs etc.

According to the official Finnish website, www.studyinfinland.fi: “The average monthly living expenses for a student in Finland are approximately 700-900€.”

This website lists the tuition free colleges in Finland: http://www.studyandscholarships.com/2009/02/tuition-free-universities-in-finland.html

You can choose to apply to a university or a polytechnic. To understand the difference, read the website above. “Finnish higher education consists of two complementary sectors: universities and polytechnics (also known as universities of applied sciences, UAS). Universities promote research and provide academic higher education based on research, whereas polytechnics/UAS’s provide professional or ‘vocational’ higher education.”

Method of applying is Online. You can check out the websites of the specific colleges for application. There may be entrances depending upon the universities.

Deadlines: Two Dealines- one around January and other around September.

Do note that when applying for student residence permit, international students (non-EU/EEA students) need to show that they have at least 500€ per month (6000€ per year)

Read the website above, read the websites of specific colleges and let us know your next question soon.