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Since I have spoiled my A level grades. I am unable to figure about what should I be doing next. I am not sure about whether I will re take exams or I will apply as it is. Could you please suggest me what should I do next? Also, could you please help me out finding universities with minimum cost and higher acceptance rate. For now, I am searching for only safety colleges.


Hello Deepak Shah bro,
In the second link you provided, are the numbers of Nepalese students in those colleges real?


Hi Babita,

No worries. Bad grades do not necessarily mean that you have no more options. Ofcourse having good grades makes things easier but there are other ways you can still make your application look strong. Have you already taken SATs? How was your high school transcript? Have you been working on your college essay (if you plan to apply in US or other countries via common app)? College Essay is very very imporant in deciding where you will go. I suggest you speak with guidance counselor and see what they have to say about re-taking your exam. If your results are above average, I would suggest you focus on other parts of the application. Also, sometimes when your expectation does not match your results, you might feel that you did very bad. Get some suggestions/help from your close friends too.


Below are few colleges that are generally considered safety and they have accepted a lot of Nepali students in the past: (Note there may be more and I am missing a lot. I hope others will add to this):

  1. St Cloud State University
  2. https://www.collegefactual.com/rankings/international/nepal/
  3. Note that it all depends upon your individual grades. Look at the list above (the link).
  4. Look into state universities. They are cheaper and less competitive.

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I hope it helps.