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I recently gave my TOEFL examinations.I got a score of 102.But as colleges like MIT waive Sat if we have got TOEFL score,will getting a score more than 102 help me getting into any institution?


Getting a TOEFL score of 102 is brilliant. Check to see if your dream schools waive your SAT (less likely that they will waive your SAT; I have heard colleges waive TOEFL if students score better in SAT). I have no idea what colleges you are applying to, but I know for sure that 102 is a brilliant score. This score along with other criterias (Recommendation, SAT, Supplement, Essay and your Transcript) will take to where you want to go. But note that, dont expect that colleges will take you just because you got 102 in TOEFL. That score much coincide with your good results in A Level English, CR and Writing Scores. That will prove that you have a strong English background. Let us know if you have more questions.