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Will ToEFL be waived for students studying in English-Medium Schools of Nepal?


Toefl can be waived. I requested all the colleges that I applied to waive my toefl and most of them did. Those colleges which did not waive my Toefl, I looked for other colleges instead of them. Money can be a big issue when applying to colleges. So just email the colleges saying that it is a financial burden to you to pay for the TOEFL, when you are already taking A level English or an equivalent English Certification. In my case, I was taking A level English which is more than sufficient to prove that I can read and write in English properly. Just request the colleges and I am sure they will waive your toefl. It all depends upon you asking it and you mentioning the reason why you want it to be waived. And do not forget to mention what are the equivalent skills you already have that proves that you can read and write in English.

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But If you think you can talk to the admission officer about it and convince them that you don’t need toefl and stuff then you are good to go. I did that last year though didn’t apply at all!

Unis/colleges ranked higher wouldn’t do that though. They need those tests