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I had a toefl test scheduled  for december9 1, but the test was cancelled that day because of a technical problem. ETS said that I can get a refund or reshedule the test but the nearest date available for Nepal is March 5. Will  colleges with jan 1 or jan 15 deadline  consider the score from march  5 or taking the test so late will be a waste of time and money.

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Thanky U.


If you write an email to the college admission office explaining your situation, they will probably understand your circumstances. I know a friend of mine who gave TOEFL exam in late May due to the earthquake. Colleges will not make decisions based on your TOEFL score only. Plus, if you send them an email that you have attended an English medium school and have had all classes with English as the medium of instruction, they could even waive your TOEFL requirement. I would suggest you to first try sending an email requesting a TOEFL waiver, it might save you a lot of money 🙂 Good luck.