TOEFL 100 score

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My Toefl score is 90+ but not 100. But, most of the colleges I am interested in ask for minimum of 100. I can’t repeat it. What do you suggest me: manage to get Toefl waived or submit the toefl scores to leave no stone unturned?


During my application process I got the feeling that toefl is not very important for admissions. Try to get it waived by saying that you studied in an English medium school or if you get a high SAT CR score. Or any way possible. Make sure there are no grammatical errors in that email though!


I did have a similar kind of situation during my application period. I had already sent my scores to four colleges which had minimum of 100 before taking the test. It turned out that i failed to score 100. Then I wrote to each college admission officer stating my situation. And I did mention about attending an English medium school. All of them replied that it won’t affect my chances of getting in and they really encouraged me to go ahead with applications.
So if you have already sent your score, I recommend you to talk to the admission officer. Else if you haven’t sent, Please don’t bother sending to any college which recommend you to have 100.