Tell me about colleges in U.S, where Nepalese have been taken in huge mass.

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I am getting confused; which college to select? So, i want to know some colleges where Nepalese have been taken in successive rate.


Colleges taking tons of Nepali students are easily large public and community colleges that have lower ranking and lower cost of attendance. It is safe to say that some of these colleges take dozens of Nepali students every year. I don’t have specific list of these universities/colleges but little playing around internet can easily generate the list.

The reason why there are so many students in those college is due to their “association” with consultancies in Kathmandu. Consultancies in Kathmandu generally refer you to certain colleges which have past record of high Nepali students intake. However, you should consider that these college might not be competitive like that of higher ranking colleges.

Before selecting colleges, you much have your self assessment about your academic and other strengths. This will allow you to find best suited college according to your reach and fit.

Some private colleges in the US have high acceptance rate if you have decent grades and test scores. Some of them can be Ramapo, UNO, Howard, Caldwell, etc.


The answer below might help you to make your decisions.


Also, Ramapo has been taking a good number of Nepali students.