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It has been really hard for me to understand what my computer teacher has been teaching. It’s not just me but, all my friends feel the same way. Every guy at my school got bad grades and almost 55% of the students have dropped computing.So, I am not sure if I should too computing or not. I just know a few codes in visual basic. SO, my question is will it be very hard for me in bachelors if I take computing as my majors as my base is very weak?

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Don’t worry about this at all! I only took my intro to computer science class this semester( I’m in my second semester of college) and like it so much that I will probably be a computer science major. I had minimal coding experience before taking this class.

It seems that the problem might be with your teacher and not with your aptitude. Don’t worry about it, and as Krishna and Prabhat said, have some more exposure before you commit to the major.

Bhushan Suwal answered
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I would recommend you to do more than just what you learn in class. Take online classes, watch youtube videos, involve in projects with friends or do projects individually. The projects need not be big. Just make a simple calculator for start, design a very simple game or whatever you want. This is the only way to know whether or not you are ready for it. As Prabhat said that you don’t need to have a great base to take it as a major. However, if you are planning to study it then go and have some exposure. You would not want to start studying CS and then realize that you do not like it. Make sure you like and enjoy doing it. If you enjoy it, you will do good. Best of luck.

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Do not worry about a weak base. What matters most is your interest. If you are interested and fascinated by computing and all the long and boring lines of codes your weak base means nothing as you will try your best to excel in the field. You say you are studying computing currently and since your question is about CS computing I assume your are in your A levels  right now. Here is something i want you to know. The last time I studied and coded a program before my Bachelors was in grade 8. After that I joined accounts till SLC. During my A Levels my subjects were EBA along with maths. So had i worries about my weaker base I could and would not have got myself admitted into a CS major.

The major key here is how much it interests you and how much time are you willing to invest into learning this subject. Another thing for you to decide which is very important is which field of CS are do you want to join. I consider hardware part is rather easy compared to the Software field where you write hundreds of lines of code and a single error can set you off for few sleepless nights too. So ask yourself if you are ready for this. After you have decided that you can do it and put in the effort


“Forget about how good or bad your base is and jump in to the field.”

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