Studying BHM in Australia

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My brother is willing to pursue his Bachelors Degree in Hotel Management in Australia. The IELTS score is around 7  and now a consultancy is saying that minimum 30k Australian dollars will be the fee per year.

would you guys help me out to figure a good university for him and also the general fee requirement of Australian University. 


Navin Sitoula.


Hi Nabin,

There are numerous universities that offer BHM in Australia. Some of them cost over 30k per year while other cost less than 30k per year.  May be the universities represented by the consultancy cost more than 30k per year.

I would suggest you to just Google and look for universities that offer BHM in Australia. You can find one of those list HERE. After you obtain the list, then start visiting their websites and learn more about them. Spend good amount of time browsing through their website. If you have any questions send them an email. Start filtering the list based on the cost, location, reputation, community and job prospects. Use Google and Facebook to find any Nepalese studying in the university or even who live in the same city. Ask him/her for suggestions. If you get stuck and have troubles finding information don’t hesitate to ask a follow up question. Also if you find information that is useful feel free to share in the platform so that other can also benefit.

Best of luck.