should I do Ielts??

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My percentage in grade-XI is 57.8%(2nd division)….

i hav just finished  HSEB XII exam..and I am planning to join IELTS class but in +2 coming result I am not hoping for 1st division …result will be poor

Does this acedamic marks creates any rejecting topic while applying visa to Australia for studying??

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To be honest, your percentage is a little low for good university placements. If you are thinking about applying via consultancy to attend their college I don’t have any idea on how that works. But if you want to go to Australia to actually study things do not look good. I would suggest you to attend a college in Nepal and try to get good grades.

Also, it is not necessary for all of us to attend college. In Nepal, no matter what we think attending college is a good idea but if you have other things you want to do then I would suggest you to do it. Start a business, join the army, start a band or whatever you want to do. Also, do realize that not attending college is not a bad thing. No body cares about a college degree from Nepal if you are not getting high grades. So, make the best of your time and do something useful.