Sending SAT and TOEFL scores

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I am applying to 20 different colleges through common application and I have to send my SAT and TOEFL scores. Til date I have only viewed my scores in their respective websites. And sending through testing agencies to 20 diff college is kind of a burden to me. How do I deal with this ? Do I have to download my score reports and mail it to the admission office or just a screen shot of my reports will work? And do they regard my mail as official? . And also my transcript doesnot consist of my SAT and TOEFL scores. Are there any sort of waivers provided for sending my scores?


The College board allows you to send those scores to the university/college of your choosing. However, there is fee of about 10 dollars(I think) for each university/college. You could also send an email to the university you are applying and say that it would be financial burden for you to send those scores via college board and ask them if they will accept the pdf version of your scores.

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You can ask them if they would view pdfs and screenshot of our scores. If not, you can ask them to view your scores through respective test website by providing your log in details.