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Dear dais and didis (those who r studying abroad). R u all studying with full scholarship? If yes then how did u get full scholarships?

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It depends. Classic response. If you get admission to one of the better ranked colleges, especially private colleges & universities then, most likely they will provide you need or merit based scholarship to cover the difference between their cost of attendance and what you claim you can afford. For public colleges/universities, scholarships for international students for undergraduate study is hard to come by.


Dear Anonymous,

Lots of us are studying in almost full scholarships. Tuition Fees are covered by scholarships and Room and Board Fee is what needs to be paid. However this may not be true for high ranked colleges. Generally college would provide you loan and student employment to cover the Room and Board Fees as well. So you end up paying $4000-5000/year or in some cases everything is free.

To get scholarships:

1.You apply for Aid.

To understand what types of aid you can apply to, read this page:Financial Aid

Good Luck and let us know if you would like further assistance.

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There are many of us who are on full or ‘almost full’ scholarship. The amont and type of scholarship provided depends on the college you apply to. I would recommend visiting the website of the colleges you are interested in and looking at their policy for determining aid. While some provide need-based and/or merit scholarship, others may give you some combination of loan and scholarship.  Please visit the link below for further details.

Need-based and Need-blind Aid

What financial aid international studens can get?