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I’m applying for the fall ’19 and I still have a few questions regarding the timeline of the whole SAT (and SAT-2) and TOEFL scores posting period.
I’m not applying through any consultancies so yeah. I’m yet to take all three tests (SAT 2- Nov, TOEFL-Nov or Dec, SAT-Dec) and I’m not entirely clear when the results will be out. 

1. Could you specify when will all three results be out (approx)?
2. There are those 4 colleges that will receive my score first(for free)…does this mean my applications can be sent after the scores are first sent, via the CommonApp i.e. separately? Like, how does this work? Should the application and the scores be received by the colleges together? When do I send my applications?
3. After my SAT/TOEFL scores are out, how do I send these to the Colleges I’m applying for? Do I self report? Do I email/fax? Do I post-mail it? How long do these procedures take? Will it cross the Jan 1 deadline? Help.
4. Scholarship stuffs? How do I apply for them? Will I have to individually check for all the Unis I’m applying for? How easy is it for Nepali students to get scholarships? (Major:Comp Sci)
5. Application fee waiver? I mean, pfft, its a hefty sum! I’m applying to ~12 colleges so that should be fun. Not. 

And lastly, any tips for supplement questions/writings? Does it have to be as impeccable and articulate as the personal essay? Or could it be simple, straight-to-the-point, cut-to-the-chase writing? 

Answers to all these could be of great help. Thanks for reading all the way through.


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Hey there,

  1. The results for both SATs and TOEFL will be out within two weeks of taking the test.
  2. Just send your applications by the deadline of the college. Technically, they will get access to your scores once you submit your application via Common App. As long as you submit both your SAT scores and your application before the deadline you will be fine. SAT scores and application do not require to be send on the same date.
  3. This depends upon the college/university you are applying to. Some want to you to send it from the official test giver. Both SAT and TOEFL allow you to send your scores through their site. Some may even accept a scanned copy and some may ask you to mail it. Contact the university/college for more info. In my experience, most of them want you to send the scores from the official test giver. However, the cost will very quickly add up if you are applying to a good number of colleges. So, I will recommend you to email the college/university and tell them its a financial burden for you. They might allow you to send a scanned copy or give you a fee waiver which can be used to send scores through the test taker site for free. Most college/university will allow you to send the scores after the deadline.
  4. For undergraduate studies, most college/universities will consider you for scholarships once you submit your application. However, some may ask you for more information or ask you to explicitly apply for scholarships. Go through the college’s financial aid page. They will have necessary information there. If you do not find what you are looking for, email them or reach out to us. Regarding scholarships, there are lots of college/universities that provide scholarships to Nepali students both based in need and in merit. Go through their financial aid page to know more.
  5. Common App allows you to apply for a fee waiver.  Your Guidance counselor should verify it. The website HERE explains the process.

  For essays, write the best you can. Yes, they all need to be great. No question about it. Following links might help you to get started on the essays.

  1. Supplementary Essays
  2. Tips for Writing Essays

Best of luck. If you have any more questions feel free to ask a follow up question. I would also recommend you to explore the website more. There are lots of great questions and answers here. Do utilize the search functionality.

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