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Hey. I’m going to take my SAT for the first time this coming May–well, not technically as I shouldn’t have taken it in March–but I rescheduled the test date for my fear of failing the Essay part, which in my defense, I didn’t practice at all (Sorry you had to hear that!). I know the Essay portion is optional/not recommended for certain colleges, but after surpassing the deadliest section(Do I even have to name it? Yeah!you guessed it right, the early 65 minute battle in an empty tummy), I didn’t want to restrict myself by only applying to non-mainstream colleges just because other ones needed an extra essay prerequisite, which I think I can pull off if I don’t slack off any further, and get it off my way yes-I-can-write-that-under-pressure list ASAP. But the thing is–I never had to write any piece of analytical writing as a part of my HSEB English Course, so I’m having a hard time preparing for it. Since Some of you guys might have already started writing college thesis, this should be a no-brainer. I’d like to especially hear from people who took the New 2016 Essay. Thanks in advance 🙂



Meet another yes-I-can-write-that-under-pressure guy here. I wrote the SAT essay by going through PrepScholar’s online tips.

Khan Academy’s Essay Practice Tests are marked online; try that. SAT’s essays have a specific formula, follow the formula well. Finally, colleges do not give as much weight to the Essay part as other sections. Practice the Reading well; it is tough for us Nepalese. Nail the Maths section. You will be fine. Please follow back or send me a personal message if you need more help in SAT essays or anything else. 🙂