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In the ISFAA form, and other financial documents required by the colleges, I’ve mentioned that both my parents are employed and I have written how much I am willing to contribute. However, I just saw that in my common app, I’ve written mistakenly that one of my parents is unemployed. Since I’ve already submitted the application to two colleges, I cannot change it. Will this create a problem and hinder my chances of acceptance? Is there anyway to solve this?

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Deepak Dai

Thanks for ur suggestion. IT WORKED!

I contacted them, and they said that it won’t be a problem since everything is clear on the financial documents.


The best thing to do now would be to correct the information in common app so that all colleges that will receive your application from now on will receive the correct information.

For the two colleges that you have already applied, I would day send an email to the admissions at college and mention them that you made a small error. Be sure to give them the common App ID available at the top corner portion of your application. If you do not hear back from the college or if the college does not accept your request, then no worries at all. As long as your ISFAA form has correct information about financial contributions, there is nothing to worry about. Information about parent’s employment status is not very important in Common App.

Let us know if you hear back from the college.