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Hi, I’m a student who will be applying to study in the United States soon. Recently, I found a problem with my passport. Suppose my full name is AAA BBB CCC. In every official document, I write my name as:

First Name: AAA

Last Name: BBB CCC

However, I recently found out that in my passport, my name is listed in the following format:

First Name: AAA BBB

Last Name: CCC

You see that my “middle name” has been moved from my last name to my first name. I entered my name correctly when filling out the passport form, but it seems that a mistake had been made by the administration side. Even my I-20 has my name entered in the correct (the former) format. Will this pose any problems for me or will it not matter? Do I have to change my i20 or my passport and do I fill my ds-160 in the format of my passport or in the format of my i20? Any help is appreciated. Thank you!



I think this will pose A LOT of problems. One of my friend had a letter misprinted and he faced a lot of issues at airport. To be safe, have your passport and I20 reflect a same name (same first name and same last name). To answer your question: Do I fill my ds-160 in the format of my passport or in the format of my i20?. You need all three with same names. I am not the best person to give you the administration advice on how you may change back the name on your passport, but I know this will pose great problems especially if you plan to travel around the world in future or now.

So you would want to fix the problem.

Have you read this website:

Things I suggest:

  1. Since you have always sticked to theFirst Name: AAA

    Last Name: BBB CCC

    You should do the same with passport. Paying a visit to the passport office and telling them about it would be helpful.

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