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  1. The colleges that I’m applying to are really expensive and are need-based. On the CSS profile is it okay if I show my parent’s affordability near 6 lakh or should I increase the amount in order to get accepted (the college’s fee is almost $80 k ). Will the less amount of money hinder admission process?
  2. Can you name some affordable safety colleges? (ranging from 8k-11k after scholarships)
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  1. Affordability is always a factor in admission decisions unless you apply to need-blind colleges for international students (there are 5-6 of them). That said, changing EFC from 6k to 10k won’t guarantee you an acceptance. It depends, and that’s all that can be said!
  2. There aren’t really any safety schools when you are an international applicant and need large scholarships. Some colleges known to accept a large population of Nepalese students are Drexel University, University of Texas at Tyler, Caldwell University, Ramapo College, DePauw University, Howard University. USEF Nepal might have better answers for the second question.

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