Parent is an illegal immigrant of the United States/

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Hello everyone. I just got accepted to a somewhat reputed US university. But, I have a problem. One of my parent is an illegal immigrant of the United States(overstayed F1 visa). How will that affect my interview process?

(PS: I have no intentions to become a resident of the United States. I have bigger dreams.)


When you are filling your DS-160 form don’t mention your parent is there in US . Because,they won’t be convinced that you have strong ties with your home country and it completely depends on you but still while filling that form be careful. Chances of getting your visa approved will be higher this way.

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We do not have an answer to your question. That entirely depends upon US Embassy policy which is a secret. Most often I think they do not associate you with anyone else’s history. You applying for US VISA is your own decision and that should not be affected by what ‘one of your parent.’ Also, what do you mean by ‘one of your parent’- if it is like mother or father- I am not sure if that affects but I know for sure that siblings or any other relations will not affect at all. Even in the case of father/mother- I think that should not be a problem. Good luck with the interview and just be honest- show them that you have bigger dreams by explaining some of your goals in life. That will help.

Good luck with interview and please keep us posted. Your question is very important.