Opportunities at NYUAD vs other top institutions

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I have been researching about NYUAD and found it to be a unique opportunity.  I have the following few questions about NYUAD:

  1. How does the research opportunities at NYUAD in science compare to other top universities? As a small uni, does it have decent amount of labs and resources?
  2. Are some programs listed on NYU NY for instance, Minor in Astronomy or Molecular Biology; accelerated BS-MS programs for sciences allowed to be taken by NYUAD students?
  3. I have heard that the financial aid is unparalleled including stipends. How much are the stipends worth and how easy are the on-campus job opportunities to get?
  4. Since the class size is increasing and there are rumors  about budget cuts due to falling oil prices, how’s the scenario for present students in terms of abroad study chances, summer funding, etc.?
  5. How do companies and graduate schools view NYUAD? How difficult/easy it is to get internships/grad. programs as an NYUAD student. (Although, it depends on the individual’s credentials, experiences, etc but I’ve heard the school’s brand name matters too.
  6. What would be the pros and cons of attending NYUAD vs other top universities like Harvard or MIT?

Hope the questions were not too much and thanks in advance.


Hello there,

Sorry for the late reply. Been very busy with the final exams and paper.

  1. In terms of labs and facilities, you will have access to one of the fully equipped lab you could ever see in an university setting. Even as an undergrad, if you are interested lots of professors are happy to have you help in their research. You may have to do some work to persuade the professor but believe me if you are interested, they are happy to help you. However, having said that, labs will be valuable as the people working on it. Compared to the top universities, you may not get chance to work with Nobel laureates but you will have the opportunity to explore. But to be fair, in top universities, the chance to work with Nobel laureates or even to get access to research during undergrad will be very difficult. The competition will be really high. You will be competing with grad students and even PhDs.
  2. As the university is growing they are adding new courses and programs. They are very flexible on the classes you take and programs you want to pursue. Technically, you can receive a degree in a program that is offered in New York however depending on the number of courses required it could be very difficult. For example, if most of the courses required for that program are in New York and you could only study in New York for a semester, then it would be very difficult.
  3. They have the best financial aid. Everything is covered. You do not have to worry about money or campus jobs. You will also receive a stipend around $2300 per year which I think is more than sufficient.
  4. They have started to get slightly more competitive. However, I think it’s still far more easier than any other top universities of the US.
  5.  It’s true that not many companies or graduate schools are not aware about NYUAD. I hope it changes in the days to come. However, even though we study in Abu Dhabi, we are all considered NYU students and we receive an NYU degree.
  6.  There are lots of pros and cons to both sides. In NYU Abu Dhabi, no matter your financial condition, you will get to travel, take PE classes for free, have small class sizes among many other things. In other top institutions, you will have a good brand name, lots of opportunities to explore and do not have to live in a desert. 😉

I hope the answer helps you to understand NYUAD more. If you have any more questions feel free to ask a follow up question or even contact me via fb.



Hello there,

Sorry for the late reply. Been very busy with the final exams and papers. I will get back to you soon.