NY Abu Dhabi TOEFL Emergency

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I emailed the admissions team but haven’t heard back and with the deadline approaching, I need to get an answer quickly. Do they accept attested copies of our TOEFL scores attested and sent by our counselor or do the scores have to be submitted by the testing agency?


Yes, there are people who were not nominated but got in (from Nepal). So, don’t worry and give it a try if you want to. It’s just one more essay. 🙂 And you never know.

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has any nepali applicant gotten in without being nominated? my counselor doesn’t have an idea about this, and the preferred deadline for nomination is dec-1 so im worried that applying, without even being nominated, would be a waste.



The campus is closed for Christmas break from 24th-3rd January. So, you may not have heard back from them. In my case I submitted my IELTS score and I submitted an attested copy.

I would recommend you to be submit it via the testing agency as well if it possible(just for the peace of your mind). If that is a problem for you then wait till Jan 3rd for them to reply back to you. This action of yours should not affect your application at all. The attested copy should do the work.

Don’t worry. If they need it, they will ask for it. Have fun! (Feel free to send me a message in Facebook if you if you still have problems)