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Do we get full scholarships in japan?


Dear Anonymous, G30 and MEXT program are different, but related. In G30 you are taught everything in English . Currently, there are around 13 National Universities offering this program in Japan. All of these Universities are Japan’s high ranking (some world ranking too) Universities. Most of them offer full tuition scholarship for 4 years with some additional living cost stipend, but that depends on Universities.

MEXT is a government level scholarship…kind of like Indian Embassy Exam…. U get paid everything ,even air fare. For that U have to take Japanese Embassy Exam held every year (I donot know the time .Please google). The seat is limited for Nepal (less than 10 for undergraduate I guess). These students have to take 1 year Japanese Class and then Study 4 years bachelors in Japanese. This might sound kind of really tough… but almost everyone in this program are doing great.

From this year onwards (2015) selected Universities with G30 program are also offering MEXT scholarship to like 20-30% of the enrolled class. For example in my University (Tohoku University). Out of 30 around 10 are receiving MEXT scholarship. The top 10 is based on overall evaluation of a candidates application…interview and other things. This MEXT is slightly different than that I mentioned earlier. Here you can study everything in English.

Best of Luck.

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Bibek dai, MEXT ra Global 30 program katiko competitive hun6. Nepali ko lagi vanera kehi special category ta 6 ki chaina?


Dear Anonymous, Japanese Universities offer several kinds of scholarships for international non-Japanese students.

1. MEXT : This you apply via Embassy of Japan at your respective country. Embassy takes an entrance exam and every year they select few students to study in Japan. For detail please check your country’s Japanese Embassy website.

The scholarship is for 5 years, meaning that you have to take 1 year intensive Japanese class, and 4 years of University (classes in Japanese). Japanese government pays you around 120,000 Japanese Yen extra for living cost. Tuition fee is taken care by the government. This is more than a full ride scholarship.


2. However, for those who hate the idea of taking classes in Japanese… and want an English medium education, there is another option for you. This is called Global 30 program. This program started few years back. (please click here for detail Study In English Medium in Japan)Currently 13 top Universities in Japan are part of this program. Most Universities have 2-5 English based majors… Please refer to the above website to get details about the majors offered by respective Universities. Most of these Universities have a full tuition scholarship.. and some even provide extra living stipend… and from 2015 onwards there has been some changes in scholarship pattern too. The good news is that few students selected in G30 program can actually get a MEXT scholarship that I mentioned above .For detail you should email respective college admission office.

3. Apart from these two scholarships.. there are many other really good scholarships from private  sectors (industries, organizations). The scholarship ranges from (48,000 – 120,000 yen per months) for a year or two. Most of these scholarship have a small interview in Japanese so you should be able to speak Japanese which I believe should not be a big deal once you start your life in Japan.

4. In addition, Japanese government allows foreign students to work 28 hours/week outside campus. The average wage for students is around 730-900 yen per hour. Many students can manage their living cost by working around 20 or less hours per week.

Lastly, Japan is a peaceful country (probably one of the most peaceful. For instance Tokyo is ranked 1 several times for the safest metropolitan city in the world). Second Japanese people are very very kind and helpful . Third, Japan has very rich history.