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I am confused on sectionE-Expenses and sectionF-Expected support of ISFAA Form.

In section E, question 29, it asks about Loan payments made during 2017.Similarly,in question 30, it asks ‘amount paid on debt in 2017’. Are both questions talking about the same amount of Money?What does the later question mean?

Furthermore,In section F, it says,’Enter the expected amount of annual support toward your educational costs from the sources listed below.’

How much should I expect from my vacations earnings on yearly basis during the four years?

And will it sound good if I expect nothing from my parents assets(lands and buildings)?

Thank you. Waiting for the response.


Thank you Krishna dai for the information.I asked the college and they told me both can be the same amount .


Hello there,

Regarding question 29 and 30, I believe they are talking about the same thing. However, just to be sure, I would ask one of the colleges you are applying to clarify.

For vacation earnings, find the minimum wage for the state the college is in. You can work for 40 hours per week during the vacations. So just use the minimum wage to calculate your total earnings during the vacations.