Is there anyone abroad by UWC?

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I have gone through many sites but I couldn’t get my answer. I am interested to apply for UWC colleges. What are the level of Qualifications required ? Is it tough or easy to go through the admission processes? If so, you are requested to answer


More than level of qualifications, it is important that you understand what UWC is about and what its missions and values are. The whole process is about trying to find students who strongly believe in the ideas of UWC and who fit for that program. Yes, it is tough because there are only 7-8 seats offered every year. But it is definitely doable!

Try asking yourself: Do I love learning about different cultures and values? Do I love being in a place that constantly challenges my own beliefs? Am I passionate about giving back to the community that I live in? (could be as simple as volunteering in a community cleaning program) Do I like giving my opinions on different issues, but also like hearing and respecting what others think about them?  If this sounds like you, then please apply to UWC! Don’t worry about the challenges. I really hope that you get in, but even if you don’t, you will learn about UWC missions during your application process which can be so useful in your later life. Your grades are important to some extent to get into UWC, but your involvement in different activities and your passion towards the UWC beliefs count much more! The questions I mentioned above are the things that the UWC graduates try to look for in an applicant through his/her written application, interviews, group discussions and essays. Just don’t be nervous in your interviews, and try to explain clearly why you are interested in UWC.

Don’t hesitate to ask more questions about UWC, but please research! (you can find all the admissions criteria here!) (info on how to apply) (What is UWC about?)