IS still hope?

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As I got accepted in one of the university of Indiana State for starting my undergradute studies from upcoming fall session. Initially, I got somehow less scholarship compared to that of other Nepali candiates who applied for that university. Its just difference of $2k to $3k. This time my application is under review process with my personal and institution request to increse my aid so that I can reach up to the state of afford and enroll. For, supporting my application, high school (Cheif Academic Admin Officer) had sent just like recomendation letter describing my qualities and performance where as I sent my Statement of purpose too. Personally, associate director and international admission counselor interact with me timely with my queries. After all they provide a wonderful sugesstion to be in contact with NEpali students to know better about university. Will there any hope to get better financial aid though there are numerous candidate from Nepal to apply. Hope you reach me soon with suggestion.



Since state universities have very limited aid or no aid in lots of cases, I doubt if they will be able to increase the scholarship to your expectation. However since you have sent extra documents and since the difference is just of $3k with other Nepali candidate, there are chances that the university may be able to consider. However I cannot tell anything about it unless I know more about your background. The best thing for you do now is to: Relax and wait for the decision. Since you have already done your best by sending extra applications and documents, leave the rest to the university. Be in contact with them for updates.

Hope you get it.