Is it mandatory have A levels English language grades to study in Europe or IELTS/TOEFL can replace it ??

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Recently I completed A levels with subjects Physics, Biology, Maths, Chemistry. I haven’t taken exams of neither GP nor English Language. Do I need English Language??


It very much depend upon the universities. Unlike US universities, universities in Europe do not have same requirements. I would recommend you to contact the university you want to apply for details.

In contrast to Guru’s view, I don’t think taking English classes is compulsory for universities in Europe. But as I said above, confirm it with the university.

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Why?????????? TOEFL does not actually replace anything. It’s just an exam t prove you understand English. You definitely need it for USA. However, some Europe Universities may nor require it if you do did study GP or English at your college. However, I seriously doubt if colleges will take this positively. It’s English afterall!!! So you’re practicallly showing u didn’t even take english classes..