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Will anyone able to tell me, what are the important things that helps to reinforce band score in IELTS test? Neep concreate ways.

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I took IELTS test four ago so some of my suggestions may be outdated.

Just like any other test, familiarize yourself with the test thoroughly. Look at their syllabus, how many questions from this and that? What kind of questions seem to be repeated? Spend a good amount of time trying to figure out how the test is structured inside out and prepare for it accordingly.

It goes without saying, practice, practice and practice. Also, before the test date, practice a number of full test to understand how it feels on the test day.

There are four different areas you will tested on. Spend majority of time on the one where you are scoring low.

Now getting into specific areas:

  1. Writing: Write everyday. The more you write the better you get. But don’t forget to get feedback on your writing. Show your written work to someone who you think can help you.
    Also, read the question carefully and make sure that you are answering the question. I always used to choose a question where I could write examples rather then where I have to provide philosophical reasoning. Choosing the right question is very important. And of course, do not forget to spend some time preparing what you would write. If you arguing for or against something, list your arguments and examples beforehand. Plan which argument you will start with and the order in which you will write your arguments. For each arguments, try to have at least one example. Arguments without examples are simply your opinion, nothing more. If you have an argument without example, remove it from the list, unless you have limited arguments. Having three-five arguments is more than enough.
    Most important of all, just like another short essay, structure your writing. Use one paragraph for each argument or example. Use connectors like however and moreover. Don’t try to make your sentence long but also don’t make them too short. Change the sentence structure now and then to make it easy to read. Have a introduction paragraph where you will declare your arguments and a conclusion paragraph where you will declare your arguments again with your reasons behind it. Do not have two arguments in the same paragraph unless you are comparing them. This website might help you with your writing:
  2. Speaking: Just practice speaking with your friends. Discuss about Euro with your friends in English. If it’s possible try to befriend someone from another country. So, if you talk to that person, you would be forced to talk in English. While speaking avoid slang and fancy words. Speak, as you would normally. Also, watch English TV shows.
  3. Listening: Watch English TV shows. Listen to BBC. Listen to something that fascinates you. If you can understand BBC clearly then you are good to go so spend more time on the test format. While listening make notes of dates, places, lists as you hear them. Also, go through the question beforehand to know on what to focus on.
  4. Reading: The website here gives you good tips:
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