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I have not studied A-level but chosen +2 instead. Now for abroad study of physics in scholarship, how can I apply?



The process of applying to US colleges is same regardless of what subject you want to pursue. However there are some different approaches that you have to take for having completed with HSEB (+2). Below is the answer written by Bidit, a +2 student who is now in US for engineering and Computer Science.

“At some parts of the answer, I am assuming that you are applying via commonapp.

1) Mark Sheets:
Colleges generally ask for high school transcripts. We don’t have high school system similar to their, so what most of the students do is they their final reports from class 8 through 12.I asked my school office to prepare a one-page transcript that included my final exam scores from Class 8 (District Level), Class 9 (Internal Final), Class 10 (SLC), and board exams of Class 11 and 12. You can send that one page transcript to the college. I’d also recommend you to contact the admissions officer of each college, tell them about your transcript and ask them if they also want the copies of government issued transcripts.

2) Grades
We don’t get grades or GPAs, but you can ask the school office to add a second page in transcript descriing your grading system, or simply a table of conversion. (Like 85-100: A. 75-85: B). You can make a table yourself based on what your school suggests and have your principle approve it. In the common app, you can find a checkbox where you can select the option that says your high school doesn’t give GPAs. And in the counselor’s part of commonapp, there’s a table where he/she can enter the grade and score range. You should remind him/her to fill that according to that table at the back of your school- issued transcript.

3) Sending only SLC marks?
NO!! I don’t know about other countries, but if you are planning to come to a good school in USA for undergrad, send all the scores I mentioned above. You’ll not be the only one who’ll be applying from Nepal. Assume that they’ll know all about what kind of reports you are supposed to have. Not having proper scores might cause bigger problems.

4) Landslides in marks in +2?
It’s a common problem in Nepal. Sometimes its your fault and sometimes it depends on who marked your paper. If you are good at studies and had been obtaining good scores in the internal exams, include them in your transcripts. Then you can request your GC (or principal or whoever you’re sending counselor recommendation from) to include something about it in your recommendation. If you know you are right, and your GC knows that too, he/she won’t have problem adding a few lines mentioning how board exam scores in Nepal doesn’t totally tell who you are.

One more tip:
– When an school official is sending the documents, the colleges want to see those coming from official school email id (like@schoolname .edu), but most of the school in Nepal don’t have those. So, when any document like your transcript, recommendation, etc is being sent, ask your school to print them on their letter head, put an official stamp and scan them before sending them online.
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I once again summarize:

  1. Apply through commonapp (
  2. Take SATs
  3. Write Essays in Common App
  4. Apply to colleges you want
  5. Send them your transcript, financial applications by the deadline.

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