How much competition should I expect in Japanese embassy exams?

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So guys, I just finished my 12 science board exams and I’m thinking of furthering my studies in japan. So … what are the odds of securing the MEXT scholarship with 1 year of dedicated study?

I intend to give embassy exam next year and am willing to learn japanese as well.

Also, if you know someone who has given the test, could you please give me his/her contact info. I mean something like fb id or twitter id or something.

Help me out guys. Thanks! 🙂


Hello Nirav,

MEXT is a Japanese government funded scholarship to study in Japan. This program is a 5 years bachelors program. You study 1 year intensive Japanese then go on to study the normal 4 years Bachelors program. This scholarship is one of the best any undergraduate student can get. Under this scholarship you do not need to pay tuition fee to the University . In addition you get around $1000 dollar per month for living expense which is like 25-30% more than what you will be spending in Japan.

Personally, I am studying under G30 program (Copy and paste the link in new tab)

However, I have some friends who are  MEXT scholars from (not Nepalese though). And as far as I know they have no problem taking classes in Japanese. And if you are lucky you might find few English Classes too in the University. That can help you during 1st year when you are still struggling with Japanese.

Regarding MEXT Exam, I must tell it is one of the toughest exams. Especially Mathematics (if you are applying to engineering). When I took the exam, I had already been accepted for the G30 program. So I just went to see how the exam feels like without preparation. But I must tell you, it was really tricky. Mathematics questions were more like hard-level-quiz type questions. But, I hear that there are some sample papers available online  ( or may be try asking your seniors who have prepared for the MEXT exam) .

Please feel free to write your further queries here so that other students can also benefit. Thank you and Best of luck.


Hey Nirav, Thank you for your question. We are actively searching for someone who has expertise in the field you have mentioned above.