How many majors and minors can I study in a college?

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I am currently studying in A2. I am not sure about about which courses I will be studying in Bachelor level. If I study liberal arts then how many majors and minors can I study? Should I choose a major from the beginning of first year?

Can the majors be different? Like: Science and non science?


Hi Abijeet,

I believe that the number of majors or minors depends on the college policies. But I’d imagine colleges having either double major, or a major and a minor (besides the regular one major option, of course.

Generally, you don’t have to decide on your major in your first year. Even if you decide on a major in your first year, I’m sure you can eventually switch to other majors in case you change your mind.

The majors can be as different as you like. I know lots of students who double major in Art History and Economics, or Computer Science and English.