How is social life at NYU Abu Dhabi?

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I have heard that people are not allowed to consume alcohol or make love while at college. Is this true? As a girl, I am even more worried that I may face restrictions in some aspects of having fun at college.

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Nailed it Not-so worried boy!

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Dear Worried Girl,

I am a student at New York University Abu Dhabi.

As far as your first concern about Alcohol consumption is concerned, I am sure that many universities in the United States do not allow consumption of alcohol as well. However, it happens! Its the same case in NYUAD. Firstly, there are a lot of parties happening on campus and according to your definition of fun – you can try anything and everything. Furthermore, these things are inevitable and do happen. However, if you are caught with the presence of alcohol – which is very unlikely – you will get some warnings.

Now your second concern. Although pre-marital sex is illegal in the country, such things are inevitable, again! For instance, if you want to make “love” in privacy – or even make out in parties – it is completely fine! No one is going to bother you. However, public display of affection is intolerant. For example, you will be better off if you don’t make out in public, or specifically outside campus.

If you have been accepted to NYU and if you happen to attend this amazing university – and if you don’t find parties or places to have “fun” – have some Latino friends.

Anyway, if you ask me if I had have any “fun” in this university! Let me tell you, NYUAD is a lot of “fun”.


Not-so worried Boy

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Well, I am not a student there, but I did a thorough research.

First, since you seem to be a ‘fan’ of drinking and hookups, here’s your answer on confession #2109

Second, the answer for the social life part and the question of your freedom to have fun- yes, you can. Read through  this (ignore the comments, seriously!):

And this:

A bit of those confessions and the wordpress and quora articles will give you an idea. Whether you will have fun that way or not- it’s your call.

You can hit up Krishna dai, Keshar dai or me if you want more info.