how important is TOFEL

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Having already taken the SAT, do I really need to take TOFEL for application to US colleges??

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Also it could be helpful if you write in your email about the english language course, general paper course or write that you went to an english medium school where all courses were taught in English, colleges waive the requirement. Decide whether or not to take TOEFL after receiving responses from the colleges you intend to apply


All the universities that I applied to did not ask me for TOFEL scores. TOFEL is a test of whether or not you can study and live in English speaking environment.  Even if they have a requirement for TOFEL scores, email them and mention that you have been studying in English medium school since …(whenever) and you have taken SAT. Most of the universities will be fine with that but some may insist that you take TOFEL. Just ask them. That’s the best way to know.