How do I apply to Tohoku University?

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I am currently planning on applying to Tohoku University, and wanted to know more about it. As the university is not on commonapp and seems to have an entrance exam, I needed some advice, specially from Bibek dai as he is studying there. I also wanted to know about the IELTS/TOEFL requirements, do I reall need them or is a letter from the School enough? Also, I have A in physics, B in chemistry, and expect a B in Maths(taking it again in O/N 2018 – got a C in May), and b in english and a B in Economics, what are my chances?


Hello Bhai .

Let me answer your questions is chronological order.

1. Commonapp is an application platform for USA based colleges (although some exception exist ) . Japanese universities donot have a common application platform . You have to apply separately.


2.At Tohoku university and other Japanese universities admission is based on overall result from a) online/paper application round b) exam/interview round. You need to pass a) to qualify for b). I donot know about other universities but Tohoku University representative come to Nepal to take your exam and interview  if you pass round (a) .

3. TOEFL Iis required and I recommend that you take it. But for Tohoku I had a letter from school saying I had 4 years of high school in English. Don’t know if the system has changed in 4 years but better to contact the office and double check .


4.Tohoku is a highly competitive university (it ranks 2nd overall in Japan). At present only 3 undergraduate programs are offered in English (1. Mechanical and Aerospace engineering 2. Chemistry 3. Biology ) . Tohoku university accepts only 30 international students in all three programs combined. Mechanical engineering is the most popular and most competitive .10-15 students are accepted in this program. There is no cut off score but someone with 3A or higher in A levels and 75% or above in plus 2 have a relatively higer chance to pass the first round. However, I suggest that you apply .

5. Do apply to other Japanese universities as well ( Osaka University.  Kyoto university . Kyushu university . University of Tokyo. Tokyo Institute of Technology to name a few.  ) . Try a Google search with “global 30 program in Japan ” ” JASSO Japan ” “MEXT Japan ”

Best of luck 😊