Having 3 years Bachelor

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will i be able to apply for Masters in EUROPE and America???

can u please give a good scholarship links for Europe


Bishwas Chepang

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Will the colleges accept me for the Masters degree if I complete my Bachelors form any UK university? What if I earn 360 UK credit hours and complete my Bachelors? Will it make any difference or will I still be in a deficit? Please clarify me about this if anyone of you know about it. If not can you please refer me to someone who knows about it? Thanks in advance.


Like Deepak said it is extremely difficult to find a college that accepts a student who has completed his/her Bachelors in 3 years in Nepal. Germany also has a 3 years Bachelor program like in Nepal. However, Germany’s education system is somewhat different from ours. So it is recommended that you complete your masters and look for a masters program again. This might sound like wasting few years, but this is the only way for us Nepalese.

And regarding scholarships, there are in fact many for Masters program especially in European countries. In Japan particularly, there are some good ones too. One program to mention among few is called G30 program. You can follow this link and search for information. All classes in G30 program are in English. http://www.uni.international.mext.go.jp/


Hello Bishwas Dai,

I had talked to a dai about this. He said that applying for masters by completing 3 years of Bachelors is a very very difficult. It is common among some to finish their Masters in Nepal and then again apply for Masters in US. That has been quite successful. But it is true that it is a waste of time. As for masters in Europe, I think Jacobs is the only one that is popular among international students. I am trying to look for some dai/didi with a better idea on this and it might take some time to get us back to you about this. Once i do, I shall send you a message in facebook and then you can check here so that you dont have to keep coming here and see no reply.