Guidance. ASAP!!

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I am planning to be a petroleum engineer. My a-levels exam sucked big time and i am hopeless to apply abroad at the moment, i am planning to complete bachelors in Nepal and then apply for abroad.

What major do i need to study to be able to apply abroad for masters in petroleum engineering? As there is no petroleum engineering course in Nepal.


If you have a decent internal grades in high school and have been quite active in ECA, I would recommend you to give a shot in US college application.

You can always explained why you spoiled your exams and can be a good way to show college that you are really passionate about learning. Additionally, you can ask your Guidance Counsellor to explain your grades.

Moreover, you can show college that you dont suck at academics by doing good at SATs, especially the subject test. Score couple of 800s and I am sure any college will consider your application seriously.

If you plan to apply, make sure you have brilliant essay (I mean it and it does play a huge role) and stellar recommendations from teachers ( ask them to explain you are a decent kid in academic and in class but had an “unexpected” results).


Since petroleum engineering is a field of engineering, you should try to take more and more engineering classes. I am not extremely familiar with engineering courses in Nepal so please wait for someone more experienced to answer. In the meanwhile, I suggest you do look into some online classes. Georgia Tech is quite popular for petroleum engineering and here are some of the courses offered:


Also look in and free courses from good universities. With fast internet and dedication, you can definitely become a petroleum engineer. Good luck and keep us posted if there are more issues about this topic.