Getting into elite university for Graduate Level.

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Hey, I am a guy with few regrets but fortunately I have realized what I should have done in the past few years to become academically strong. I had resources but I wasn’t focused on using them. Even though I got 90% in SLC and 83.1% in +2, I truly understood what it means to learn something, to be academically strong only after the middle of grade 12. So, I don’t have appealing ECA, but I want to get my degree from one of the prestigious universities in the US. So, I think I am not going to make it in Undergraduate level. But, Can I transfer to prestigious colleges or even if I can’t make it in my transfer, what are the chances of getting a Graduate degree in those elite schools like Harvard, MIT, Princeton, etc. Does the college I attended in my undergraduate level matter to getting an elite school in Graduate level. I really want to get there and be a part of history. I really should have done my own projects, volunteer activities, leadership activities. There were opportunities but I wasn’t that exposed or that mature in realization of it’s importance.  


Hey SDK,

First of all, don’t worry too much about your ECAs. Although, they are an important part of your application, they are just one part of the application. Moreover, you still have time to be involved in activities. And most important thing about ECAs is that you involve in activities that excite you and help you be a better person professionally and personally. You don’t have to establish a library or solve a major crisis. Simple things, such as learning how to play guitar, helping your juniors in their homework, playing for your local football team will definitely do.

Transferring once you get to US is very difficult. Most university/college do not provide scholarship to transfer students as most of their scholarships is already spent on students who applied early/regular. However, you do definitely have a chance to get into a more prestigious university for your graduate studies. The college you attend does affect your chances of getting into a prestigious university but your academic work that you have done during your time in college will affect your chances far more.

Don’t worry too much. No matter what happens, it will all work out in the end. Best of luck!