Gap Year

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I just completed my higher secondary education. The results are out now and I am applying to US Universities for the fall of 2017. Does that mean I am in my gap year right now? If yes, do I need to mention it on the Common App?


I would recommend you to talk about your gap year, why you took it and what you doing, in your application. Try to put it in an essay or in any other form, but don’t think that you have to do it. Talk about it in your essay only if it helps.

The best way to mention about the gap year and your activities can be the section in the common app where it asks to write about “anything else that has not been mentioned in the application and can be important for the application”.


Yes, it is a gap year. I don’t think that you have to mention it but I would recommend you to mention it so that nobody can question you later. Mention about why you had to take it and also what you did within that free time.