Environmental or Integrated engineering ?

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Nasmaste, I am about to complete grade 12 from hesb board. After grade 12 I want to pursue my education in foreign country. I have two things in mind. One, I want to study environmental engineering because I am passionate to help our earth become a better place to live. And two, I want to study integrated engineering in one of the few colleges available and later purse masters degree in environmental engineering. I need some suggestions. Thank you ! 



Hi Samip,

Thank you for your question. It is very good to hear that you are really concerned with the environment and keeping this in mind, you want to pursue your career as a Environmental Engineer.

In Nepal, Kathmandu University is offering Bachelor degree in Environmental Engineering. There is BSc. in Environmental Science as well. Please visit the http://ku.edu.np/env/ for further information.

If you would like to talk to the graduate (Environment Engineer) from Kathmandu University, I can help you out as well.

Institute of Engineering (IoE), Pulchowk Campus of Tribhuvan University is offering Masters’ degree in Environmental Engineering in Nepal.  

Wish you all the very best.  

With best regards,

Prithvi Khadka