Eligibility for an emergency Visa Interview

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I actually got an invitation to a Pre-College Summer Program, and I’m willing to attend this program. However, as of now, I still don’t have my I 20 form to apply for a student visa. Since the program starts on June 16, I doubt that I can have an interview date ahead of June 16. So, if I get my I 20 later this week or the next, am I eligible to apply for an emergency interview date? And, what might be the consequences? Any negative impression while examining my application?

Any help shall be appreciated.


The website of American Embassy has the details for your question. You may visit the website HERE. It seems like you are eligible for emergency interview date and I really don’t think there will be any negative consequences because of it. You are good :).

Also, you could call them and inquire if you are still unsure. If you face any problems as you start your process feel free to reach out to us again. Will try to answer the question sooner in the future.

Best of luck.