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Hi, I am really confused about CSS PROFILE and common application submission time. Actually my dealine for application is in january and deadline for CSS PROFILE is in Feb. But some of the colleges say once we are admitted in the college we are not capable for financial aid. Does that mean we need to submit application and PROFILE at once? And also what about the SAT and TOEFL scores? Do we also need to submit these along with the application or can be submitted lateron?


Thankyou so much. That was very helpful.


Hi Shalini,

The deadline for submitting the CSS depends from college to colleges. Some require it to be sent along with the application itself. Some require that you send it in 3-4 days after submitting the application (I guess Vanderbilt does that). While, for some colleges, the CSS and commonapp deadline may vary between 15 days to a month and by varying I mean that the deadline for submitting the CSS Profile is later compared to the application.

Judging from what you said, in your case, the Commonapp deadline is Jan and CSS Profile deadline is Feb. So, its pretty self-explanatory. Now, you might be wondering why this is the case for some colleges. As you might have already known that need-aware colleges look at the the pool of applicants who need financial aid separately. They usually look at that pool after they are done with applicants who do not require aid. So, you get additional amount of time to file the CSS profile because your application would be looked at some time later.

Typically, if you do not require aid, its a plus point and you might get priority in admissions as an international. Now, lets assume that you said you don’t require aid during the time of admissions. That way, in a need-aware college, you might get admitted. But after that if you say that “Oh! I forgot to submit the CSS. Now, that I got in, could you also consider me for financial aid?” That is not the way it works. Wanting aid does affect your acceptance decision. You apply for the financial aid together with the application and if colleges think that you are deserving, they will accept you.

Again, the deadline for CSS and Commonapp depends from college to college but if you have it all filled up and figured out, submit it all at the same time just to be in a safe position. Submitting it early doesn’t harm.

SAT and TOEFL do not have to go along with the application but, it depends on how later are you going to submit it. For this, you will have to talk to individual colleges themselves asking if they accept late scores. You also might wanna add some concrete reason behind sending the scores late if you are doing so.

I hope this helps.
Feel free to reach out to me on fb in case you have any other questions.
Showroop Pokhrel