Could you please suggest me the ways to apply to US Universities?

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Good morning


Currently, I am at the senior year of A levels here at high school and preparing for my May June exams. I will be enlighten, if anyone of you  brothers and sisters will suggest me about the things that I have to follow to reach up to prestigious university in any corner of the world. I am planing to read SAT, TOEFL and do social service simultaneously. Will, there are any other factor that I have to experience just like say in gap months?


Hello Ritik,

Follow this timeline  to get an insight about college applications to US. Also, I recommend you go through some of the answers on this site. What you are asking has been answered multiple times by us to other students who asked it. I suggest you to search for “US Colleges” in this site and do read some of them. It will give you some idea on where to start and what to do.

And please come back to ask specific question that you may have. Good luck.

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