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Hello Everyone, I am a perspective student from Kathmandu. I scored 790 on SAT2 physics, 780 on Maths, 31 on ACT and 112 on TOEFL. I was not very happy with my ACT scores, I have retaken it on December, and waiting for the results. I am hoping about 33 Super score. I am almost done with my common app, isfaa and few college essays as well. Could anybody suggest me some good universities to get a full ride scholarship. Or some universities which will accept me with good need-based aid?

Thank you

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Walt White 16 Rep.

Thank you Parikshit. I am going to text you in facebook.

Walt White answered
    Parikshit Chalise 212 Rep.


    With an ACT 33, you are an IVY material, some might say.

    However, it is not very wise for us to suggest any colleges solely based on your ACT scores. Please feel free to send us individual messages with a little more detail if you want further assistance. Best of Luck!

    Parikshit Chalise answered
      Deepak Shah 2.01K Rep.

      Hello Walt White,

      Did you take a look at this page: https://collegesodhpuch.com/resources/potential-us-universities-for-nepalese-students/

      Also check out these links: https://www.niche.com/colleges/search/best-colleges/ and http://colleges.startclass.com/

      Because of the nature of the college search process, which is personalized for every individual and cannot be summed up in a list of SATs scores, I would suggest you look at the links above and make a list. If you are in a great hurry to come up with a list then this link might help you(if you input your sat scores and searchc but I don’t recommend it since it disregards other important factors)- http://www.collegesimply.com/guides/colleges-by-test-score/

      I hope it helps and be sure to ask follow up questions if it does not.

      Deepak Shah answered
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