Choosing between a government college in Nepal and Oberlin

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I completed my A levels a couple months ago from Budhanilkantha School. Since I opted for PCB, my parents suggested that I join NAME for MBBS preparatory classes while I got ready to apply abroad. I wasn’t exactly against the idea so I went along and didn’t really try hard. I got average marks in most of the entrance exams and recently qualified to get admitted into Patan Academy of Health and Sciences under the Full Payee category. However, I am also waiting for an early decision (ED1) notice from Oberlin College. My parents are now exhibiting signs of reluctance when I mention the States and even hint that I cancel or at least convert my application status to Early Action or Regular Decision. I don’t know what to expect from both colleges and am hesitant in taking any further action as both options are too different from each other.

What do I do?



Hi Sakshi,

Before you take a decision, ask yourself: WHY?

Take a moment, take hours, take days, but find your reason. Let your reason supersede family expectations, college, degree, and everything else. We can talk more about college and applications after you get your decision tomorrow.

Good luck!