Can i apply for usa with these percentage

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  1. Hey I have 56 % on 12 and also have two back paper of 11 .yes percentage is weak
  2. If sat and tofel goes good  than what is the chance of my visa
  3. Can I apply for usa

I fully agree with Siddhant and what I would like to add is that people might be tempted to come to US and they might knock at consultancy’s door as a last resort. For some that might work but considering that you have two back papers and a relatively less percentage, it might not work out for you. The consultancy will charge you with money and might provide you with a college but it is very likely that your visa will be denied. So, all of the time you spent in applying will be of no use. So, better pass all of your exams and get decent scores on standardized tests and aim for a average college in the US.


Hi there! I am afraid if you have two back papers, you may not be eligible to apply to colleges in the US (someone please correct me if I am wrong here). I would suggest retaking those papers. If you pass them and have good scores in SAT and TOEFL, colleges in US should still be in sight for you. I am assuming that you had those back papers not due to some special circumstances, since your percentage in 12th is also relatively weak.